Today and Tomorrow Gardens

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: No

Monday : 8am to 12am
Tuesday : 8am to 12am
Wednesday : 8am to 2am
Thursday : 8am to 2am
Friday : 8am to 2am
Saturday: 8am to 2am
Sunday: 8am to 12am

Address - 71 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
Phone - 021 422 0175
Website -

  • Today and Tomorrow Kloof Street is a Vinyl Club on Kloof Street.
    It's got a wild and wonderful outside area that makes you feel one with nature.

A Coffee Shop on Kloof Street for the Cool Kids

Today and tomorrow is a new addition, specifically to the Kloof street cool kids. It’s a restaurant by day but a Vinyl joint by night, bringing you to your knees with the boogie. It’s a great coffee shop to recharge the batteries in the heart of Cape Town and the fact that they serve booze and jam tunes, means you can stay here all day and night.


It’s an interesting mix of melodies in the air, the cars screeching by, the builders banging big time and the soothing songs in the background make you feel as if you’re wearing headphones on a building site. However, the building won’t last forever and when the drilling stops, it’s a peaceful paradise in the heart of town, a great place to get inspired and innovative.

Inside it’s a trendy tale of all things clean and all things cut. The wooden walls on one side make you feel like you’re in a sophisticated Manhattan diner while on the other side are vinyl’s that fill the wall, making you feel like you’ve been transported over to Brooklyn. On the outside, plants hang from the roof and flowers flourish in the beds that act as the boundary between the coffee shop and the street.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee at Today and Tomorrow Kloof Street is a dark and dirty, a Deluxe that fills the mouth with a creamy but strong sensation that is serious about waking you up. Served simply in a clean-cut cup that fits in perfectly with the smooth sounds in the background.

On the menu, Today and Tomorrow Kloof Street has got a mix of pizzas, pastas, burgers and groovy grubs that include Karoo Lamb chops, steak and wild mushroom skewers. While it is a lil’ pricey if you’re just looking for a midday nibble, they’ve got a 50-buck deal on a slice of carrot cake and a coffee. The carrot cake is good too, fit for a squirrel considering it’s got so many nuts in it.

It’s a struggle to find a decent coffee shop on Kloof Street but Today and Tomorrow fills that gap just fine. If you’re looking to show your friends a new trendy spot or just keen to get some graft done outside of the office, then look no further than Today and Tomorrow located on 71 Kloof Street in the heart of Cape Town.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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