No Fixed Address Observatory

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: No

Monday : 8 15am to 8pm
Tuesday : 8 15am to 8pm
Wednesday : 8 15am to 8pm
Thursday : 8 15am to 8pm
Friday : 8 15am to 8pm
Saturday: 8 15am to 8pm
Sunday: 8 15am to 8pm

Address - 76 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925
Phone - 021 447 1595

  • That Place Observatory is a working coffee shop in observatory where one can work in Observatory and drink coffee in Observatory.
    Feel foreign and sit in the alley way outside

A Cafe in Observatory to Sit, Stare or Study

I sit around scribbling, squabbling and wondering what to do. Everyone else seems busy, seems up to something. But me, I just sit here in a haze from the all the blaze of the last few days. That’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m at “That Place Observatory”, to get caffeine in a cuppa to get me feeling uppa. People walk by, people chit-chat and the outside street is filled with a variety of all that….a combination of suits, ciggies and people who just need a cent or two to cook up their Lower Main brew.


Inspired by a girl, my creative mind begins to twirl. With a creative whirl in my mind, I start to look around to see what I can find. I glance at the wall and out pop thousands of books standing tall. It’s got the feel of a library, but it’s got a whole lot more, there’s a real sense that creativity is at its core. For a variety of people there are a lot of different picks, which include English, apartheid, fiction and economics. This place or that, doesn’t matter because it inspires it all from writing to reading to meeting with Paul.

The music goes on and off in the background, entertaining my silent soul with the sounds of the coffee machine and the traffic that continues to roll. They give hot water to the homeless, buy books from people who are hustlers of the hood and ensure that everyone from around is properly understood.

It’s the perfect place to work and the perfect place to hustle to get you on the bustle. They’ve got a menu that is not overly priced, great wifi, and decent coffee that’ll make your mouth spiced. I would seriously recommend it if you’re late on a deadline, in need of some concentrated motivation and searching for a headline. There’s an outside section for the sun seekers or a place inside that’s filled with outdoor peekers.


The coffee arrives, all hot to the top. The cup, white and plain, is filled with a liquid that will do good for my brain. It’s a bitter bold taste that hangs in my mouth without waste. The micro-foam is a little too fluffed for a damn good flat white but the full aroma flavour is far from shite.

If you find yourself in Observatory and you’ve got a couple hours to spare, pop into That Place on 76 Lower Main Road for a coffee and concentrated, creative conversation.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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