Soil for Life Cafe – Constantia

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Wifi: No
Parking: Private
Plugs: No

Monday : 9am to 4pm
Tuesday : 9am to 4pm
Wednesday : 9am to 4pm
Thursday : 9am to 4pm
Friday : 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - Brounger Rd, Sillery, Cape Town, 7806
Phone - 021 794 4982

  • Soil for Life is a cafe located next to Peddlars in Constantia inspiring environmental change in the world.
    It's got a real rustic and rooted feel to it.


Soil for Life is an NPO, educating and training people in less developed communities in Cape Town to grow vegetables. It’s headquarters and coffee shop are located in the heart of Constantia, where their bountiful garden flourishes. The Cafe is a really special place with tables scattered in between the abundant edible greenery. Soil for Life is a fantastic place to come and learn about the good things happening in the country. We’d highly recommend it for families looking for an outing or friends and couples to do something different.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee is organic but smooth and soulful. You can almost taste the flavour of the soil, in the best possible way. There’s not much else to eat or drink, it’s more about the vibe of the garden. However, they sell all the fresh produce from the garden. So bring a bag with you a see how much organic produce you can take home with you.

The Mission:

Empowering  underdeveloped communities by educating people on ways to create sustainable food gardens at home. Soil for Life has trained over 4 500 people in low income areas to be home food gardeners. Many of them continue to grow healthy sustainable gardens at home, supporting thousands of families.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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