Siblings Bistro – Bo Kaap

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Yes
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 6pm
Tuesday : 7am to 6pm
Wednesday : 7am to 6pm
Thursday : 7am to 6pm
Friday : 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - 142 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town, 8000
Phone - 021 422 1682


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  • Siblings Bistro in the Bo Kaap is a Coffee Shop located in the Bo Kaap in Cape Town's culturally diverse coffee area, the Bo Kaap.
    Jen Wells sits staring out of the eye of Siblings Bistro.

An Urban Cave just off the Beaten Track

Looking out over the mystery of the moving motors, we sit enjoying the speckled light streaming in. We watch as it streams through the great green leaves right into the iris of Siblings Bistro, located in the historic and culturally colourful BoKaap.


It’s an urban cave hidden just off the main drag, bringing good food to the Mecca of South Africa, Cape Town. The continuation of the outside greenery inspires the soul of the sibling, especially considering its an all eco-friendly café.

It’s real hidden gem that speaks centuries of years before. A stone cut wall, colourful floor and a feeling of family within. It’s the perfect place to grab a lunch with friends or snag a coffee and pastry on the go.

Coffee & Food:

While the ambience of the outside kicks my day into gear, the kick of the coffee on the other hand is lacking, oh dear. I thought the coffee would get me high, I thought it would let me touch the sky but hey it still tastes good, so I ain’t complaining.

After catching a glimpse of another lucky customer’s food, my mouth starts to salivate at the sight and smell that wafts by. The menu is filled with a multitude of meals including burgers, wraps and deconstructed omelettes. However, I’m a coffee drinker so a pastry is what I needed for that perfect pairing. I sampled an almond croissant which was wildly surprising and gooey but lacking in crunch. However, the flavour stood strong and sweet.

The Story:

I sat down with Reeke Moeketsi, the owner to get an understanding of the urban cave. Reeke is a trained chef and has worked all over Cape Town and Johannesburg. Hopping around from job to job, nothing seemed to give him the satisfaction he was searching for, so with a mixing bowl of tasty tricks, he began searching for something new and something he could call his own.

His search for something new finished seriously soon, finding the space that spoke to him on the first look. Here’s where Siblings Bistro began. He quit his monotonous job, pulled out all his savings, took loans from family and cashed in his provident fund. Business started slow with many minions walking by but not in. Reeke can remember days earning only R99 and wondering if he would ever win. I asked him how the entrepreneurial journey has been thus far and his reply was simple: “Liberating, but scary as f**k.” With his business still growing, his dream of becoming an authentic educational and training institution still stands strong.

If you find yourself stuck in the bottleneck that is Buitengracht Street, make use of the free parking in the Bo Kaap and hop on in to Siblings Bistro located on 142 Buitengracht Street for an authentically African pit stop.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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