Salt Kalk Bay

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 6 30am to 11pm
Tuesday : 6 30am to 11pm
Wednesday : 6 30am to 11pm
Thursday : 6 30am to 11pm
Friday : 6 30am to 11pm
Saturday: 6 30am to 11pm
Sunday: 6 30am to 11pm

Address - 136 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape town, 7975
Phone - 021 788 3922

  • Salt Kalk Bay is located on Main Road Kalk Bay and looks like a cave and restaurant in Kalk Bay.
    It's a real hole in the wall type of concrete cave.

Salt will Soothe your Spirit in Kalk Bay

Salt is a coffee shop that must offer some of the best views in Kalk Bay, overlooking the old harbour where brightly coloured vessels sit seriously in the yard. If the beautiful boats don’t put a smile on your face, then shift your vision leftwards to catch a glimpse of a salty surfer catching the barrel of his life at the infamous Kalk Bay Reef.


Inside it’s a concrete cave that feels as if it’s been here for centuries. Red brick walls and mix-match floors, it feels as if this place has been through the works. It looks like it could have been an old wine cellar or a place to store the salt, something that was vital to the sea farers success. Salt in Kalk Bay today may be a great place to catch a coffee but back in the day salt was equivalent to the modern-day refrigerator, it kept food fresh for longer

It’s a place that really sums up the magic of Kalk Bay. Nothing about Salt is over the top because it really doesn’t need to be. All Salt does is expose the magic that Kalk Bay brings, having big wide windows, weirdly wonderful wooden tables and scenery that stands for itself. It’s a great place to soothe the spirit on a sleepy Sunday and hide from the rain on a Wintery Wednesday.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee is kind to the mouth, smooth on the lips and pretty on the pallet. A decent coffee that lingers long in the mouth. Simply served in a white cup and saucer with a perfect latte leaf to soothe the spirit. It just feels homely, not sure if it’s the coffee or if it’s Kalk Bay, but it just feels good.

The food on the other hand is a lil’ pricey too be honest but I guess they’ve got to make their money somewhere. They’ve got a mix on the menu that includes tables of tapas, delectable deserts and of course quite a few fishy foods. While I was at the joint, I dug in to the Wasabi Dusted Calamari which was terrifically tasty leaving me wanting more, pity I’m too broke.

If you’re keen to face the Kalk Bay feels, then hop in into Salt located on 136 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7975.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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  1. James Cloete

    I had a great time at salt. Service was super friendly and my Americano arrived with expresso shots in the mug wherein I could add hot water to my desired strength. I’m not sure if they always do this, but it was a nice touch I thought.

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