Salisbury Eatery Salt River

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 4pm
Tuesday : 7am to 4pm
Wednesday : 7am to 8pm
Thursday : 7am to 8pm
Friday : 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - 8 Aubrey Street, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
Phone - 074 134 5284


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  • Bagel and Brew Salt River is a coffee shop in Salt River that sells coffee and bagels in Salt River.
    It's a real industrial styled spot on the outside but what lies on the inside is real hip magic.

Feel like a Funky Family at Salisbury Eatery

Salisbury Eatery is a real Salt River special, located in the up and coming industrial area of Salt River. Salisbury Eatery is all about giving you what you need to get you up to speed, whether it’s a coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening.


The vibe inside Salisbury Eatery is electric, in the sense that you feel you can talk to anybody. I walked into Salisbury Eatery, had a long chat with Bongi the barista about his passion for coffee and then Eugene the owner walked my way and greeted me like a long-lost friend. This was before I’d even mentioned I was from Coffee Shop Blues.

A collection of different woods fill the floor, line the walls and allow for people to sit and interact. Salisbury Eatery is a hipsters paradise with bicycles hanging out like they’re part of the family, couches chilling like they’re made to be cool and people dressing like their grandparents did back in the day.


Salisbury Eatery is an all day, all night kind of a joint too with coffee, beers and bagels being the main aim of the game. They’ve got a fantastic outside sitting area for those looking for some sun or a great bar/chill area inside for those looking to sink into a couch with a beer, whiskey or wine to forget their day ever existed. There’s tons of space, lots of natural light and a couple great places to meet if you’re on a date or chatting with a mate.

Salisbury Eatery is a Salt River coffee shop that really optimises what coffee shop culture is all about. The staff at Salisbury Eatery welcome everyone that walks in with open arms and ensure you get what your mood deserves.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee is sweet and soft on the tongue, perfectly prepared coffee by Bongi the barista. The latte art leaf is light and lovely, looking almost as if it’s a leaf floating down a river of coffee. The simple white cups and saucers stand alone as if they’re the white canal that the coffee flows through.

The bagels are good, packed full of flavour with every bite. I had a cream cheese & salmon bagel which tasted as if it had been caught yesterday. The actual bagel was delicious and drizzled in seeds that made it look like a kid playing in the kiddie’s ball pit. The combination was an exquisite explosion that left me wanting more. To top it all off, the menu is magic with nothing costing a penny more than R60.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop to have lunch with the rest of the office or if you’re alone and looking for a chat, then Salisbury Eatery is the place for you, located on 8 Aubrey Street, Salt River.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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3 thoughts on “Salisbury Eatery Salt River”

  1. Megan Hodgkinson

    Wonderful food and awesome staff! Lovely little spot to have a varsity break and enjoy some fresh juice and bagels in the sun outside 🌻

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