Rust – Observatory

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 10pm
Tuesday : 7am to 10pm
Wednesday : 7am to 10pm
Thursday : 7am to 10pm
Friday : 7am to 10pm
Saturday: 7am to 10pm
Sunday: 9am to 9pm

Address - 1 Herschel Road, Observatory, 7925
Phone - 072 337 3218


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  • Rust Observatory is a coffeeshop in Observatory that sells coffee and beer in Observatory
    Rust is the most authentic spot in the Southern Subrurbs

All it Takes is a Sander and Some Old Stuff

The connotations usually associated with rust in today’s aesthetically calibrated society are negative, where the slick Apple brand is the pinnacle of aesthetic nirvana, and the control against all other goods. Rust is the perceived antitheses of beauty or desirability to most who have been gullibly gobbled up by mainstream media and advertising. To many who have been influenced by this school of thought, old things need to be replaced and not cherished and appreciated as something with a patina of time. Why can these goods not be appreciated for their imperfectness?


Rust Café is a unique joint with an amazingly honest and approachable feel, where great coffee is not on the other side of an opinionated hipster who thinks your moustache isn’t sleek enough to sip from his cups.

Rust Café epitomises the idea of counter consumerism in their decor, taking what is old and unloved and repurposing it in a way that makes it desirable once again. The old building which Rust inhabits looks to be an old industrial building from the days of the first wave of greenfield development in the area. The building had been given a new lease on life with a modern coat of matt gun-metal grey paint with a yellow plaster band at parapet height. This touch of contemporary styling makes the décor selection seem deliberate and thoughtful and not a lazy way out. A choreographed balance between steam punk and rat-rod rustic.

Coffee & Food:

The coffees arrived in Marilyn Monroe red lipstick cups with a creamy rich crema floating on top of the Americano and perfectly polished micro foam atop the milk based drinks. We first tasted with our eyes, we then let the baristas hand speak for itself. The blend was specially created for rust by Gerald from Rock n’ Roller coffee company. The owner Adrian briefed Gerald to: “bring something delectably different to your table”, and boy did he pull it off.

With a short but comprehensive breakfast menu and pastry list, to various salads and burger options along with all the other usual suspect that one has grown accustom to expect from a place such as this. All at inoffensive and impossibly disagreeable prices. The menu is 50% food and 50% drinks. This is what I call a great balance!

Maybe try something new and give the commercial places a skip this Friday and check out Rust Café. Open 6 days a week from 8am to 10pm and 8am to 9pm on Sundays. Located just off the ever-popular Lower Main road, Observatory on Station road, just before the railway bridge.

Writer: Chris Green

If Rust ain’t your style and you’re a more of a new school trendy, check out Saint James coffee shop located on Station Road in Observatory.

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