Loaves Salt River

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 6 30am to 5pm
Tuesday : 6 30am to 5pm
Wednesday : 6 30am to 5pm
Thursday : 6 30am to 5pm
Friday : 6 30am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - Cnr Briar Road and Aubrey Street, Salt River, 7925
Website - http://www.loavesonlong.co.za/

  • Loaves coffee shop in Salt River, photo of the coffee served.
    The coffee isn't the best but it's not bad and still gives you that kick up the arse.


The crowd that pulls in are a mix between young, old and everything in between which creates a rather diverse crowd of caffeinators. The music that blares in the background is a mix between Jamaican and lounge music, chilling you out like a Pina Colada on a Puerto Rican beach. As you look out the window, sights of Devil’s Peak and old industrial factories create a fantastic clash between manufacturing and the mountain.

The inside gives you the feeling of an old boat house with giant wooden arches supporting the roof. The one side of the building is complete red face brick while the counter sitting in the middle has a beautiful brown wooden aesthetic to it. Loaves in Salt River really has a 1930’s industrial illusion to it, making the baking of bread feel completely genuine.

Loaves in Salt River is a great spot to connect to Wi-Fi, sit at the window and work the day away. It’s new on the block so go and show them your support, located on the corner of Briar Road and Yew Road in Salt River.

Coffee & Food:

Speaking of wholesome goodness, the food she fires up is absolutely divine. A range of bagels, breakfasts and a bollard of other beautiful bites fill the menu with magic. Food is at the heart of this beautiful bakery with everything served being fresh, filling and just downright delicious. I had an apple tart which tasted like a crispy croissant dressed up in apple bottom jeans.

The coffee ain’t bad, a little milky but if you focus carefully, you’ll taste the sweet and almost spicy flavour notes. The cups are about as cool as they come, low to the ground and wide, almost like a bowl to a water fountain.

The Story:

Loaves used to be a Long Street special, offering wholesome goodness to city slickers in need of some midday munchies. Started in 2015, Loaves quickly built up a reputation among the Long Street locals who without fail popped in to get their daily cup of coffee, piece of cake and loaf of bread on their way home. In September 2018, Ciska packed up shop and relocated to the up and coming industrial area of Salt River. She believes it is here that she can help build the eco-system of Salt River with her wholesome goodness.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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