Bobs Bagel Cafe – Damn Fine Coffee – Kalk Bay

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7 45am to 3 30pm
Tuesday : 7 45am to 3 30pm
Wednesday : 7 45am to 3 30pm
Thursday : 7 45am to 3 30pm
Friday : 7 45am to 3 30pm
Saturday: 7 45am to 4pm
Sunday: 7 45am to 4pm

Address - 6 Rouxville Road, Kalk Bay, Cape Town, 7925
Phone - 083 280 0012
Email -

  • Bobs Bagel Cafe in Kalk Bay is located next to the park in Kalk Bay.
    It's a cute quaint spot right by the park for Saturday strollers to get their morning cuppa.

A Bagel Cafe with a Heart of Coffee in Kalk Bay

If you’re looking for a something a lil’ quieter in Kalk Bay, look no further than Bob’s Bagel Cafe. It’s a quaint coffee shop that overlooks the Kalk Bay park and is the perfect location for parents to take their kids on a Saturday. On top of that, Bob’s Bagel Cafe is also a roastery, roasting all the beans for Damn Fine Coffee and distributing them all over Cape Town. It’s in Kalk Bay though that the magic really happens.


Bob’s Bagels itself is a cute, quaint coffee shop that appears to prefer simple and sleek to busy and over the top. It’s a small simple rectangular space that has small tables with chairs or couches on the side to keep you entertained while you chat, drink and bite your bagel.

On the walls, Bob’s Bagels has a mix of madness with green walls on the entrance, transcending into grey walls on the left and a giant big wave surfer on the right that’s signed by Frank Solomen himself. It really appears to be a Kalk Bay café that holds the serendipity of surfing close to its heart, especially considering the hand guns (for surfing) for sale too.

Coffee & Food:

Bob’s Bagels in Kalk Bay serves coffee that is tasty and sweet on the tongue but leaves a darker aftertaste on the palate, a well-rounded coffee bean for sure. Bob’s Bagels in Kalk Bay has a roasting arm called Damn Fine Coffee, so everything you drink has been roasted fresh at the source. Its home blend is a South American special but they’ve got some other beans available for bulk orders.

The bagels are bloody brilliant, delivering a crunch and flavour that will make you want to sink into your seat with satisfaction. I had the Egg and Cream Cheese Breakfast Bagel that arrived on my table before I could count to 10, sensational service. The prices of their bagels vary quite a lot with a toasted butter bagel costing you R20 while a smoked salmon bagel will set you back R65. My breakfast bagel set me back R40 but it set my stomach straight and gave me the morning mojo I so desperately needed.

The Story:

Bob’s Bagels is more than just a coffee shop, it’s a roastery and bean distributer. Robin Pollard, an architect by trade, moved to Kalk Bay many years ago and drifted into the coffee scene a few years back, when he helped out at a local Kalk Bay coffee shop. He quickly fell in love with coffee and decided to open a pop-up shop in his wife’s pottery shop, The Potter Shop, to see how things would go. With Bob’s Bagels overlooking the park, it became an instant weekend hit, with kids playing on the swings while parents took the opportunity to down their morning coffees. Robin’s love for coffee quickly grew and 2.5 years ago, he started roasting beans for the local community and beyond. Today Damn Fine Coffee supplies beans to many coffee shops and cafes around Cape Town, but his roots still stay strong in Kalk Bay, where his love affair with coffee began.

If you’re keen to get comfortable and sink into your seat accompanied by a bagel and a damn fine coffee, then Bob’s Bagels is your place. Pop in and say hello to the whole crew located on 6 Rouxville Road in Kalk Bay.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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