Jarryds Espresso Bar Sea Point

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 4 30pm
Tuesday : 7am to 4 30pm
Wednesday : 7am to 4 30pm
Thursday : 7am to 4 30pm
Friday : 7am to 4 30pm
Saturday: 7am to 4 30pm
Sunday: 7am to 4 30pm

Address - 90 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 7979
Phone - 060 748 0145


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  • Jarryds is a coffee shop in Sea Point that make delicious coffee in Sea Point
    It just feels cool with off grey walls and many wooden surfaces.

Sea Point has a Louvre of its Own

Jarryd’s Espresso Bar and Eatery is an environmentally aware coffee shop located on Sea Point Main Road. Jarryd’s Espresso Bar & Eatery is about all things fresh, so much so that the inside feels like a greenhouse. If you’re looking for a healthy haven at the end of Sea Point, then this could be your spot.


It seems like it’s an old hotel reception with a see-through pyramid forming the ceiling. The coffee shop is filled with natural light that makes you feel like you’re sitting outdoors in nature. I can imagine this place as something out of a movie when it’s raining, with the loud droplets hitting the see-through pyramid roof while you sit inside in a T-shirt.

There’s plenty of space on the inside for working or meeting a corporate client. The wooden square tables and trendy lights that hang from the sky make it a great place to impress a man in a suit. I wouldn’t say it’s a place to take a date necessarily as it’s not the most romantic joint in the world but if it’s raining it may be a different thing.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee is good, smoother than a baby’s bum after a hot bath. It’s a sensational coffee with sweet flavours that sit in your palate long after the coffee has been put back on the table. The coffee at Jarryd’s comes served in a single glass with no handles to keep your hands warm.

Jarryds has got all types of freshly baked breads for sale but unfortunately, they’ve got no baked treats to snack on. It’s a bit disappointing because a muffin or croissant would go down really well in the mid-morning or afternoon here. The menu is full of flavour with a lot of DIY options. It’s pretty expensive though, way above my budget but if you’re trying to impress a corporate client, it may fit just fine.

Jarryd’s is a cool spot in the heart of Sea Point. If you’re keen get some natural light on a cold day or impress a client on a hot day, then we’d recommend Jarryd’s located on 90 Regent Street in Sea Point.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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