Importers Coffee Specialists Newlands

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 5pm
Tuesday : 7am to 5pm
Wednesday : 7am to 5pm
Thursday : 7am to 5pm
Friday : 7am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 2pm
Sunday: 8am to 2pm

Address - 28 Kildare Road, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700
Phone - 021 951 1424
Website -


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  • Importers Coffee Specialists is a coffee shop located in Newlands near the village area in Newlands coffee area.
    It's trendy, stylish and central, conveniently located on the Newlands cirle.

A Coffee Nook Nestled in the Heart of Newlands

Importers Coffee is a real Newlands special, located next to the Newlands circle, it’s a fantastic watering hole for the freelancer or start up. It’s generally a coffee shop for the Newlands community to meet, network and collaborate and that’s what makes it so special. It’s a Newlands coffee shop with a great atmosphere that encourages collaboration and connections.


The vibe inside Importers Coffee is just so damn Cape Town. Black and white photos coat the walls while surf videos play constantly on the TV’s around the joint. There are plenty tables inside for sitting, either with others, on your own or with your mense. It’s a worker’s paradise with laptops sitting on tables like they’re newspapers from the 1960’s.

There is a front and a back area too if you’re looking to get some fresh air. The front of Importers coffee shop sits by the Newlands circle and is a great area for chilling on your own, if you’re looking for things to look at while you work. On the other side of the building lies the other outside area which is cute and cuddly, with a small green garden and a Vespa to keep you feeling cool. It’s the perfect catch up area for old friends or family.

Coffee & Food:

The Importers coffee is not bad either, a dark bitter brew, a lil’ sour but when you’re making as many coffees as Importers does, your grinder is bound to go out of sync. The coffee comes beautiful presented in different coloured cups that have hearts full of froth.

The bran muffins are served pipin’ hot and full of flavour, a perfect munch to start the morning. Reasonably priced at only R22, it’s a real steal considering the muffins come with butter and jam. If you’re looking for something else, they’ve got croissants, cookies and chocolate brownies that won’t whack your wallet by more than R24. If you feel like you’ve got a big tickle in your tummy, Importers Coffee has got heavier meals too, which consist of burgers, breakfasts, wraps and salads.

Nestled in the nook of Newlands, Importers Coffee is a coffee shop for all to gather. If you’re looking to smash some work or get deep in conversation, pop in to Importers Coffee Specialists located on 28 Kildare Road in Newlands.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

3 thoughts on “Importers Coffee Specialists Newlands”

  1. Carolyn Innes

    Lovely spot – but every time I’ve been here the coffee hasn’t been great. Has a sour taste

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  3. Tamson Greeff

    LOVE the place. We walk there for breakfast over weekends with our dog. Staff are wonderful, food is yummy (especially the cream cheese and avo toast) and coffee is awesome.

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