Hout Bay Coffee Roastery

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Wifi: No
Parking: Street
Plugs: No

Monday : 9am to 5pm
Tuesday : 9am to 5pm
Wednesday : 9am to 5pm
Thursday : 9am to 5pm
Friday : 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 3pm
Sunday: 9am to 3pm

Address - Mainstream Centre, Princess Street, Hout Bay, Cape Town, 7806
Phone - 082 516 5838


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  • Hout Bay Coffee is a coffeeshop in Hout Bay coffee area. Hout Bay Coffee sell authentic coffee in Cape Town.
    Chill outside and meet new friends that may last a lifetime.

Sincerity Served with the Best Cuppa Coffee in Cape Town

Situated in the old fisherman’s village, Hout Bay Coffee is keeping the legacy of the fisherman’s charm alive. Hout Bay Coffee is a rustic and real authentic experience, in addition to having the best cuppa jo in town. The feeling in the air is not about recreating something of the past but rather about keeping genuine authenticity alive. The place is so authentic, it’s alleged that Hout Bay Coffee has been on the map since 1794.

Atmosphere at Hout Bay Coffee:

I must admit, I initially felt a bit intimidated as I walked in. It felt as if everyone had known each other for decades but within five minutes I too was part of the family.  The atmosphere in the Hout Bay Coffee air is just truly electricity. Biargitta, co-owner and barista is a truly magical person that makes every person that walks in feel like they’ve known her for years. I’m not sure if it’s the beauty of the barista or the connectedness of the creator. But the heart of Hout Bay coffee is more soulful than James Brown singing the funk.

All the tables, stools and shelves have been alive and kickin’ for many decades. All the wood used to create the furniture coming from the original fishing boats that cruised the coast years before. There’s no wifi or card facilities, but that’s the real magic of the place. It’s not about being productive in the modern sense but rather about connecting, conversing and keepin’ it real.

Coffee & Food at Hout Bay Coffee:

The coffee is simply exceptional, offering a wide range of coffees that come from almost all edges of the world. While the menu offers numerous different beans, their Harbour Blend is the standard on the menu. I wish I could tell you what the Harbour Blend comprises of but Paul the owner is just too strong willed to give his secret away. The Harbour Blend is a dark bitter brew that delivers that exceptional caramelized after tone that lingers till kingdom come.

The Story:

Paul Myburgh, the co-owner and roaster, has an incredible story of his own. He spent seven years living with the Bushman, understanding the power of his senses and strengthening the connections between his body and his brain. The power of his senses is properly understood when you watch the way he roasts and brews the perfect cup. He uses no computers or hi-tech in his roasting but rather what he describes as the most accurate scale in the world, his brain’s connection to the human body. The method to his madness goes further than just roasting, “The alchemy of the bean happens after the roast, at night time when all the people have gone home” says Paul.

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the building itself dates back to the 1850’s. Or the fact that Hout Bay’s original tea house that took 4 days to venture to from Cape Town sits just across the river. But  Hout Bay Coffee is somewhere that will forever inspire my soul and unlock my heart. Pop in for an outstanding cup of jo’ and some delicious baked goods if you’re keen to unlock your soul and enter a world that is as pure and genuine as many years before.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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  3. Paul and Birgitta

    Deep gratitude for the quality of humans, like yourself, who are attracted to Houtbay Coffee Roastery. We renew our effort to live up to the thoughtfulness of your words.
    May the conversation between people evoked by the bean, continue to serve what would be right in our world

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