Heartbeat – Onrus

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: No

Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 8am to 4pm
Wednesday : 8am to 4pm
Thursday : 8am to 4pm
Friday : 8am to 4pm
Saturday: 8am to 2 30pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - 19 Van Blommestein Road, Onrus River, Onrus, 7201
Phone - 082 441 3344

  • Heartbeat Onrus is a Onrus coffee shop that sells baked goods and coffee in Onrus
    A cute quaint spot in the heart of Onrus.

A Cute Quaint Spot in the Heart of Onrus

A slow start after an evening of revelry. We make our weary heads towards, what we hope will give us that jolt that gets our minds in gear. After an all-nighter waiting for the sunrise, we need some assistance lifting the clutch of our minds off the floor and pull off in first gear. We were not disappointed. The quaint establishment is situated in the centre of Onrus, a small holiday destination that gets crowded over festive periods. Onrus Coffee seems to have become the Heartbeat of the breakfast and coffee crowd.


The décor, of odd tables and chairs, were a reminder that honesty and unpretentiousness were the core values of Heartbeat. The baked goods ranged from the tuisgebakte melktert to perfectly golden and crispy croissants as well as scrumptious scones and jam. A smorgasbord of small nibbles were also on offer with biscuits, crunchies and Florentines. All a high quality produced by the on-display kitchen. All the offerings were at such agreeable prices, you’ll be leaving feeling that you’ve snagged the bargain of the holiday.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee was the Deluxe; no really delicious as well! The Cape Town based favourite artisanal roastery, a reliable stalwart of the independent coffee shop. Supplying great quality beans in beautiful brown paper bags, giving creditability and a fighting chance for a 3-person run coffee shop such as Heartbeat. The Deluxe coffee was easy drinking and well prepared, allowing the average patron of Heartbeat to not feel overwhelmed by the mainstream academic coffee culture that can sometimes make coffee unapproachable or intimidating to order.

Our message is clear, make coffee the social confluence or meeting place, that is welcoming to all. Since some outlets have tainted the coffee shop culture with a very “you can’t sit with us” attitude, it’s time that the word fashionable and coffee get taken out of the same sentence.

The demographic on this cloudy, overcast day seemed to reflect a good cross section of people, from swallows arriving back to their “African houses” after running away for the festive season, to the local retired everyday heroes. The pace of the small holiday warren of Onrus coffee area is reminiscent of that of Greyton in the early 00’ies now that the holiday makers had started moving off back home. My eyes catch a table, of what I assume to be estate agents having a rather unproductive business meeting. Seemingly more interested in the gossip columns of each other’s lives that the tatty folio organizer adjacent to her right hand. She can’t be doing too badly despite all this socializing, as she scribbles down something illegible to my prying eyes with a Mont Blanc pen. More socializing than work based meeting, but what the heck, they are near the beach.

I sometimes find beauty in obscure places. The estate agent was older than myself, but I was hooked. Something about her intrigued me, or was it just the smile and playfully malevolent look in her eyes as she kept catching me looking her way. We can only wait on surprises in life, others need to develop organically to ensure that an authentic life is lived and not constant yearning for something that could potentially be unrealistic and over-ambitious. She keeps looking my way, stealing my thoughts. I can’t shake her smile.

As Uncle Bill arrives after a slow and reflective sipping session, I remind myself about why I love coffee, and all the opportunity it allows for. In a 45-minute sit to regroup yourself over a cup of go-juice, you could have any range of thoughts. You could envisage your perfect meal, invent something that could change the path of human development, think of a revolutionary business idea or a selfless inspiration to help others.

Heartbeat is one of those special places that can’t be replicated anywhere else, it is what it is in all its honesty and deliciousness. Hands down worth a visit if you find yourself in the vicinity. Check them out at number 19 Van Blommestein Rd, Onrus River.

Writer: Chris Green

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