Haas Coffee Collective Buitenkant Street

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7am to 5pm
Tuesday : 7am to 5pm
Wednesday : 7am to 5pm
Thursday : 7am to 5pm
Friday : 7am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 3pm
Sunday: 8am to 3pm

Address - 19 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, 8001
Phone - 021 461 1812

  • Haas Coffee collective is a coffee shop in Cape Town coffee area where they sell coffee in District Six on Buitenkant Street for Coffee.
    It's a dark place but the atmosphere seems to lighten things up.

A Collective Culture for Us All

Time for something culturally different. Located on Buitenkant street, just opposite the magistrate’s court, Haas is a destination coffee shop for anyone living on the southern suburb side of the bottle neck that is Hospital bend.


The eerie industrial interior and décor remind me of a visit to a morphological museum, with interestingly curated pieces inside glass cloches. The city’s characters are energized by the bustle of people on the march to their posts. Other lethargically mince to their turf, as they take a position on an empty milk crate, to watch the cars. The inner city struggles and inequalities are still open gashes that still require healing. The homelessness of people in town is the starkest contrast to anything I’ve experienced. A few million Rand Ferrari parallel parks at the fate of a person who, in his entire life, might not have that sort of money pass through his rough, life-hardened hands.

I move inside to a table where I get going. Tap, tap, tapping. My fingers start to dance on the keyboard, to the rhythm of the slow, but energizing tympanic drums that twang to the beat of my up-and-down day. The carbon-filament pendant lights hang down, like golden ingots ready to cool and set. They hang in suspended animation, in anticipation of something to happen. They just hang and wait with their golden angelic glow, adding an antique warmth to the high ceiling interior.

My somewhat distracted mind is more interested by thoughts of other’s conversations and personalities as I sit by myself taking it all in. What was the purpose of my engagement with coffee? These self-reflective questions start to answer themselves as I venture deeper into my love for coffee and the culture surrounding it.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee of choice was a Cortado, which can be likened to a flat white or cappuccino that is cut off half way. Essentially a greater concentration of espresso to steamed milk and micro-foam. A delicious and punchy format of a crowd favourite. The espresso was a nutty and rich extraction that had enough bitterness to balance the sour mid palate flavours. I don’t however feel that it went well as a Cortado in this instance. I think a flat white would have been a better bet!

The service on both my visits to Haas was disappointingly slow, with me having to go to the counter to order coffees. I always give the benefit of the doubt to the coffee shop, as we are all fallible humans. Having worked as a waiter on one of my student holidays, I knew that this was always a possibility and not the rule. Service can always be better but kindness and the right attitude can’t be fixed, fortunately the Haas wait staff are friendly and have plenty of the aforementioned kindness and hospitality.

The people sitting amongst me were all polished and groomed pretty city folk, lulled into a sense of relaxation with the scruffy vintage lounge suite, set front and centre. The kind you would find in your grandmother’s house with ball and claw legs and feet. If I saw crocheted arm-rest covers or antimacassars on the seat back, it wouldn’t seem out of place. This contrast was like a zebra flank, the pretty city people on the oh so unfashionable, yet totally chic at the same time, kind of chairs. Swallowing each person’s exterior projection of themselves and embracing their shoulders with the firm bolsters. A deep sigh.

My voyeuristic nature always becomes evident when I sit in a place like Haas, or any interesting coffee shop for that matter. People popping in for a chat and dash meeting with friends, to the models meeting with casting agents and photographers. I am once again reminded why I love the cape town city bowl. The natural beauty and hospitality from the old buildings break up the modernist massive 1970’s taupe concrete and glass clad creations that are synonymous with city centers.

Haas coffee collective is a must visit for anyone who loves sitting in a beautifully decorated space with a warm vibey buzz, and rich ambient music. Rest your legs, tease your mind, titillate your taste buds with some delicious coffee based drinks. An oasis in the inner-city bustle, a break from the inner-city blues, have it take your mind away from those inner-city stresses for just a moment or two.

Writer: Christopher Green

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7 thoughts on “Haas Coffee Collective Buitenkant Street”

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  2. Haas has a great vibe, but the biggest criticism I have is the taxidermied bunny sitting proudly at the bar. Overlooking the restaurant, it stares you down as you drink a flat white. Hide the bunny and you’ve got a great coffee spot.

  3. The only criticism of Haas is the poor lighting – while this is the perfect place to bring an unattractive date, it isn’t great if you do not have 20/20 vision.

  4. Thanks Michael!

    I try and make it to Haas as often as i can. We at Coffee Shop Blues, try to update the reviews with the small annual fluctuations of coffee shops as consistency is not always, well, consistent.

    I will for sure try those cakes and biscuits next time i’m around!

  5. Great review Chris.

    I’ve been to Haas a few times. Once service was slow, but I was not in a hurry, so I was not bothered.

    What I can say is that my experience of Haas is awesome food, potent coffee, amazing ambiance and yes, always friendly and helpful staff. They never miss an opportunity to entice me to try those yummy biscuits and cakes on the counter 😂

  6. Hi Francois, we really appreciate your kind words. I will for sure drop by again soon, let me know if you’ll be around because i’d love to chat to you about this amazing space!

    Kind regards,

  7. how wonderfully refreshing to have an intelligent person write a well thought through review. add to that the fact that you actually ‘get’ haas and i can only say we hope you visit often chris. as i have had to do before, our sincere apologies about the slow service. as you noticed it is not due to lack of caring, our staff genuinely are very friendly. yet for some reason skilled, reliable waiting staff has proven extremely challenging to find. keep up the great writing!

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