God’s Army Bree Street

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7 30am to 3 30pm
Tuesday : 7 30am to 3 30pm
Wednesday : 7 30am to 3 30pm
Thursday : 7 30am to 3 30pm
Friday : 7 30am to 3 30pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - St. Stephens Building, 102 Bree St, CBD, Cape Town, 8000
Phone - 021 422 4712

  • Gods Army use Tribe coffee at their book store and coffee shop on Bree Street.
    Their coffee is damn fine too.

God’s Army is a cool, quaint Christian coffee shop located on Bree Street. It’s a book store, a coffee shop and in a sense, a missionary outpost for spreading the word of God. However, it’s not a forceful type of place. Anybody is welcome and there’s no pressure to chat about anything. I came in hot, asking for advice on calling a girl. There was no judgement but rather advice. The coffee shop is as cool as they come.


God’s army is positioned in a little nook in one of Cape Town’s old classic buildings. Fresh cut stones from years before solidify the wall while supporting beams line the ceiling. Inside is filled with army memorabilia like uniforms, bags and posters. It really does feel like an old army café. However, if you look carefully, you’ll see all the Christian books that are stacked around. It’s a real cool looking café and somewhere we’d definitely recommend if you’re in need of some TLC. The people behind the bar are happy to listen to your problems and offer advice where they can.

Coffee and Food:

Mmmm. Their coffee is a tasty one, for sure. A Native coffee that fills the palate with power and flavour. Sweet and seemingly sour flavour notes, complemented with a bed of micro-foam. They’ve got various breakfasts, sarmies and salads available on the menu, as well as croissants and muffins.  It’s a great place to meet with mates over a quick cuppa, to chat about what’s been going on.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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