Dolce Bakery – Observatory

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 7 30am to 5pm
Tuesday : 7 30am to 5pm
Wednesday : 7 30am to 5pm
Thursday : 7 30am to 5pm
Friday : 7 30am to 5pm
Saturday: 8am to 2pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - 239C Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925
Phone - 021 447 0387

  • Dolce bakery Observatory has Origin coffee and good baristas that will deliver that great cuppa.
    They have a great coffee and bagel special for only 40 bucks!

Sweet Treats that Care for Community

Dolce has been a family-run business for a good few years but in 2011, Russell took over the reins from his dad.  He says: “I was happy my dad taught me good values and business skills. Since I was a kid, food was a passion of mine, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to do something good” It’s a bakery at the core, supplying over 80 coffee shops and stores in and around Cape Town with all sorts of decadent delights.


As you walk into Dolce, colours come flying at you in all directions. These colours flutter in the wind and care about the world around them, these colours represent a glimmer out of the Rainbow Nation. The colours I speak of are the hundreds of sticky notes that coat the walls which tell stories of hundreds of people that have cared before. Every sticky note represents a person who has donated a muffin to someone who needs it more. Every month, Dolce donates 100 muffins to the Ladles of Love who supply meals to various schools in Cape Town.

Coffee & Food:

The bagel and coffee special is what really pulls the crowds. The bagel is like a UFO, it’s absolutely out of this world, coming either with a dank amount of cream cheese or with mozzarella, tomato and homemade basil pesto. The coffee is delicious, all creamy and bold, complementing the bagel like a sugar daddy with a young date.  It’s the perfect place for breakfast or lunch but if you wake up a bit late, it’ll work just fine as brunch.

While we were there, we gave these baked goods a real good stab. Dolce’s Nutella Cheesecake went together like Beauty and the Beast….they weren’t meant for each other but once they’re put together, it makes complete sense. Their muffins are huge and ferocious but as you bite the hard-outer crust, the inside almost softens your palate. But best of all is what they call “a chocolate lover’s dream come true” because not only do their brownies have a dark tint, they’re also stuffed full of Lindt.

If you’re in the area and looking to get out of Obs Central, then walk down Lower Main Road towards Salt River about 300m. On your left you’ll find Dolce, which looks like a cute quaint watering hole in the middle of the urbanised desert. For a great meal, some delicious baked goods or an absolute deal, head down to 239C on Lower Main Road, Observatory.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

If for some reason Dolce Bakery on Lower Main Road doesn’t tickle your fancy, check out the health shop Nourish’d in Observatory.

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3 thoughts on “Dolce Bakery – Observatory”

  1. Always love a good flat white from this place. Has a great bakery section too. If you’re looking for tasty quick bite to eat in the morning sun then head on down!

  2. Wow, this place takes “Avo toast” to a whole new level! And the cakes are delicious and not just the same old stuff you get everywhere. Great place. Tough to park, though.

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