Continuum Woodstock

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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Street
Plugs: Yes

Monday : 8am to 3pm
Tuesday : 8am to 3pm
Wednesday : 8am to 3pm
Thursday : 8am to 3pm
Friday : 8am to 3pm
Saturday: 8am to 1pm
Sunday: Closed

Address - 172 Victoria Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
Phone - 021 447 3116
Website -


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  • Continuum Coffee makes muffins in Woodstock for people to eat in Woodstock
    The carrot cake is off the wall with health and tasty goodness. It's a must def for sure.

A Woodstock Whirlpool


Continuum Coffee is a skinny sweet spot on Albert Road in Woodstock. It’s a place with real spirit and real soul, even though it takes it a bit of time for the atmosphere to warm up. They’ve got a super simple but delicious menu and great Deluxe coffee to quench your coffee cravings.

The vibe around the place is for up-beat workers looking for a kick up the arse the Woodstock. Loud lounge/bopping music blares in the background that will make you type faster than a cheetah on Ritalin. They’ve also got a couple great tables to fit 2 – 4 if you’re looking for a midday getaway in Woodstock.

It’s a skinny coffee shop on the inside, with a long grey cushioned bench on the one side and a coffee bar on the other. The benches are comfy and cosy with tables hugging the one side so people can get close and connected as they converse with one another. They’ve got a lil’ work area upstairs if you’re looking to get away and keep to yourself. There’s a little spot everybody for peeps living in Continuum.

Coffee & Food:

The coffee is great, filling your mouth with flavours that seem familiar to Cape Town coffee culture. The latte art on top is on point and even has some green bits of magic flickering on the leaf floating below. Miles Taga, the barista said that he loves coffee because it’s a connector that brings people together.

I had a bran muffin that had disguised itself as a Carrot Cake and tasted creamy, carroty and full of honest healthy goodness. The Kitchen’s cook who refused to be called a chef is a wizard of the ingredients, mixing flavours in a cauldron to create culinary combinations.

Located right on Main Road in Woodstock, it’s a great spot to have a meeting and celebrate a long-lost greeting. If you’re a Woodstock wizard, then Continuum may be the place for you, offering bagels and brews like they’re family stews. Check them out at 172 Victoria Road in Woodstock.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

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