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Top Restaurants in Cape Town

Top restaurants in Cape Town, we’ve munched and memoed, tried and tested, chewed and chalked, swished around and scribbled down, been there and ate that to present you with our list of top restaurants in Cape Town. Listing our favourite favourite new, old, reemerging hidden and not-so hidden gems of Cape Town. TA-DAH here we gooooo!

PS: majority of the places listed below are only open during the day. If you’re looking for a sneaky night out or a late night retreat, check out here for restaurants open in the evenings.

Here are our Top Restaurants in Cape Town:

Imagine seeing a 360° view of Cape Town, well at the Harvest Café you can! Catch a stellar rooftop view of the Mother City while chowing down with food to fuel your insides. As if this magical little heaven couldn’t get better, it does, with the inside spilling over with green friends. A recommended spot for first dates that could turn into many, or the perfect spot to take a friend out of town and show off the great 021.

What’s on offer:

  • Super trendy smoothie bowls
  • Salads as fresh as the view
Find more information on Harvest Cafe here.

Our absolute guinstelling coffee spot in Cape Town, with mouth watering pastry options and a yum menu that won’t break the bank. Want to feel like your sipping your cuppa Joe in a sultry New York café?

Looking for a lush and regal atmosphere to make all your coffee house dreams come true? Look no further, with hand crafted tables to eat delicious breakfast, lunch and supper at, this is a hot spot to be!

What’s on offer:

  • Coffee that’s outta this world, planet, universe, LIFE!
  • Magnificent pastries and food that will knock your socks off.

Find more information on Coco Safar here.

A café where your eyes will be glued to the painting filled walls and your lungs chasing the luscious plant air. What makes this place so unique is the owner, who has injected her own artistic flare to the walls. A super cozy and intimate space for a quick bite or slow coffee sips.

What’s on offer:

  • Healthy, hearty & wholesome food.
  • An amazing relaxing atmosphere.
Find out more about The Aviary Cafe here.

Your one stop shop for all your deli foods and goods. Warm up by the fireplace or soak up sunshine and get lost in the green infested paradise outside. 

The food is absolutely divine and the coffee is delicious. It’s a great place to escape the madness of the city center.

What’s on offer:

  • An amazing selection of food and deli-related products.
  • The feeling of a forest in the suburban jungle.

Find out more about Chardonnay Deli here.

Your one stop shop for all your deli foods and goods. Warm up by the fireplace or soak up Starlings is a classic coffee shop with a tranquil outside garden and crackling fire inside. Once a suburban home, this unusual transformation transports you to familiar feelings of comfort.

What’s on offer: 

  • Delicious Origin coffee and a range of fantastic foods and baked goods.
  • A back garden that will put you in touch with the fairies once more.

Find out more about the enchanted Starlings Cafe here.

Transport back to the 1800s at the Hout Bay Coffee Roastery. Float back to an old fisherman’s tavern and sink into thematic furniture and decor, made from the decks of an old boat. The dedication to the theme flows into no Wi-Fi, card facilities or plug points. Give yourself a sail away from technology and into peace. 

What’s on offer: 

  • A no bull shit experience that will make you feel like a fisherman in the 1800s.
  • Mouth wateringly delicious coffee that is roasted inside the old fisherman’s tavern.

Find out how to experience Hout Bay Coffee Roastery here.

Looking for a unique spot, that’s a little on the eccentric side of life? Tamboers Winkel is for you, with the outside area located in an old bus stop. It’s got a real hole in the wall feeling to it, with the shape of the shop being long and thin.

What’s on offer: 

  • A selection of between 30 – 50 types of different wines by the glass.
  • Delicious coffee and a range of scrumptious snacks and breakfasts that will put a spring in your morning step.
 Read more about what Tamboers Winkel has to offer here.

Sipping on tasty coffee while checking the surf, what more could you want? Maybe some delicious food and snacks from all the ocean gazing over the local Kalk Bay break. 

If it’s raining, don’t fear, they’ve got a wonderful inside area too the stares square into the ocean. We’d highly recommend this spot if you’re looking to take a break from the city stresses of Cape Town.

What’s on offer: 

  • Delicious vegan and vegetarian wraps that will satisfy a saint and definitely a surfer.
  • The most incredible view of one of Cape Town’s most infamous waves.

View more pictures and information on Ohana Cafe in Kalk Bay here.

A spot with some care to cultural detail in the beautiful and fitting location of Bo Kaap. Batavia has one of the tastiest Origin coffees in town. Each coffee comes served on a beautiful wooden tray with a shot of sparkling water alongside it to cleanse the palate.

The food is classic Cape Malay and the interior makes you feel like you’re living in an African dreamland. We’d definitely recommend for a midday break or weekend adventure. 

What’s on offer: 

  • A range of Cape Malay dishes and one of the best Origin coffees in town.
  • An interior that will inspire you to get through whatever struggles you’re facing.

Find out more about Batavia Cafe here.

A winner for pastries in Cape Town, Victoire Bakery delivers your tastebuds with divine coffee. An ideal midday getaway, regardless of whether its for a date, meeting or catch up with the family.

It’s the kind of place that makes you feel like you’re in a different country. Inspired by French cuisine, the food is absolutely delicious and the coffee unreal. We definitely recommend if you work near Parliament.

What’s on offer: 

  •  Pastries that will put a silly smile on your face with every bite.
  • Alchemy coffee that is straight up damn delicious.

Find out more about Victoire Bakery here.

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