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Coffee shop near me can be a tricky search, so we’ve made it super easy and convenient for you to hunt down the best coffee shops near you to quench your caffeine thirst. With our interactive map of the Cape Town area, simply enter your location, click on the radius (km) that you are willing to travel from your location and BAM coffee cup icons representing nearest coffee shops will appear within your location.

View more details about each coffee shop by clicking on the coffee cup icon and a short description and photo will appear. To view more details on a coffee shop, click on ‘Cafe Details’ or if you would like directions directly to the coffee shop, click on ‘Get Directions’. Easy peesy!

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Coffee makes the world buzz and brings people together via stories, early mornings, honest conversation and a soothing warmth of strong flavours. Just like crafting the perfect cup of rich aromatic coffee, this website has been crafted for you, to deliver access to the best coffee shops in and around Cape Town.

Whether it’s finding the closest spot to meet-up with a friend for a catch up, get your caffeine and nibble fix between work or lectures, sitting for long hours typing away at your laptop, finding the perfect cozy cafe for a date or simply just people watching while sipping a well roasted coffee, we’ve got your beans covered!

The listed coffee shops have been tried and tested, giving you all the pros and cons your bean beating heart desires. Our detailed reviews cover:

  • The coffee (duh)
  • A rating out of 5
  • Wifi
  • Hours of business
  • Plug points
  • Parking
  • Atmosphere
  • Food
  • The story of the coffee shop

Coffee is a culture that holds strong steamy power to bring all sorts of people together, especially in Cape Town where the city blazes with new energies everyday. A coffee shop goes beyond being a place to grab a cup and go, it can also be a haven for many, a safe space where you can retreat into your mind to be present with yourself between sips, escape into a good book, rekindle old fires, engulf yourself in new friendships or simply enjoy life passing by.