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Wifi: Yes
Parking: Yes
Plugs: Yes

A Place to Rest, Recover and Reboot

Dreamers, druggos and decaffeinated downers cruise into Alienz to get their right hand on a tin cup coffee brew. It holds a special place in my heart as while it’s not an oasis for water, out in the desert coffee is an absolute essential. Alienz Coffee is there to wake you up, keep you going or in some cases, even to sober you up. With that said, it’s for sure the most popular place at Burn.

The coffee is pretty standard, pretty inconsistent ranging from that once a day cappuccino to a heaped black cup of Ricoffy, but hey when you’re in the desert nobody’s complaining. From a technical level, their cappuccino was far from perfect but on the other hand it was free and it was as good as anything I’ve ever had. The cappuccino comes served in your own cup by baristas that have had no training but after drinking Ricoffy for days, that real espresso energy once again fills your heart with rays.

The aesthetics at Alienz are perfectly pleasing, allowing for the coffee cravers to blend into the colourful cut couches. The roof of Alienz resembles a tent with large nipples that serves as a tree of life, providing shade, caffeine and comfort to the broken and bruised but also to the beautiful and brave. “It’s a great place to trip from circle to circle” said the Bush Pig himself.

It’s a 24/7 joint where many start their day with a coffee and sniff while others end their evening with some tea and a spliff. It’s welcoming to all and it’s the definitely the place to congregate, get involved in the vibe and for sure the place to meet your evening tribe. If you’re ever feeling lost or low at AfrikaBurn, then Alienz is the place for you to make a friend or two and get you on the go.

Writer: Sebastian Daniels

Photographer: Dominic Walsh

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