What We're About?

We're Starting a Revolution of Integration and Equality and we're using Coffee Shops as the Store Front of the Future

We believe in integration and the fact that collaboration will always beat competition. We believe that if we can work together and all play our own little part, we will make an incredible amount of change and social impact. We believe that we can start a revolution and that we can turn the tide against inequality of opportunity and access to market.

What We've Done...

We’ve been to about 200 coffee shops in Cape Town and listed 130 of the best independent coffee shops. You can find menus, opening times, photos and reviews of all 130 coffee shops by going to:


We have built up over 1 500 monthly website visitors and 10 400 followers on Instagram. Using this influence, we want to build an ecosystem of independent coffee shops that support local entrepreneurs by stocking and selling their products.

We’ve spent the last four months building a distribution chain with caring owners of independent coffee shops around Cape Town. We’ve successfully signed up 23 coffee shops in Cape Town that are stocking our products and selling them in their stores.

We’re working with two entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha, two bakers and a honey man, who are passionate about producing top quality products with real heart and soul.

We’re building a distribution chain for entrepreneurs in townships across Cape Town to get their products out and into the market. Over time, we want to be able to assist the entrepreneurs with inventory and seed funding.

Buy our products, support independent coffee shops and share the stories that make you tingle with excitement and joy. Let's start a revolution.