Why Coffee is Important to Us?

We believe that coffee is a caffeinated key that opens up discussions about social integration and inspiration. We believe that coffee shops bring people together in a healthy, motivated way that encourages collaboration and conversation.

We believe that if you’re a young entrepreneur and you’re trying to start a business, coffee shops are the perfect first office. If you’re a student, coffee shops can be a great escape from the house. But if you’re just down to chill and hang out, coffee shops are just about the best day joint in town.

Sebastian started Coffee Shop Blues in late 2017 after he’d found refuge in a couple of welcoming coffee shops around Cape Town. He’d often write his thoughts about what was going on in his life and how he was planning on getting through it. This was when he discovered the magical motivational nature of coffee shops and he wanted to share it with the world.

His dad, Kenneth Ray Daniels, used to write a weekly Breakfast Column in the Weekend Argus for a number of years called Sunny Side Up. Ken stopped writing many years ago but Sebastian, his son, is eager to continue his legacy. Sebastian sees writing and expressing one’s thoughts as one of the most powerful tools towards achieving one’s vision and he wants to share it with the world.