Cape Town's Best Coffee Shops on a Map:

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Cape Town's Best Coffee Areas:

Romantic Restaurant, Harvest Cafe in the BoKaap has a seating area where you can have coffee in the Bo-Kaap and feel like you're one of the buildings.

Coffee Shops in the City Bowl

Originally a teapot city in the 1960’s, Cape Town has adapted and changed, becoming a hub of coffee excellence and taste. Coffee culture in Cape Town has been on an exponential rise since 2005 when numerous roasteries and coffee shops began to surface, most notably Origin was founded. Cape Town has the most independent coffee roasters in South Africa and is widely regarded as being the African capital of coffee culture.

Rust Observatory is a coffeeshop in Observatory that sells coffee and beer in Observatory

Coffee Shops in Observatory

Observatory, otherwise known is Obs, has the most densely populated Coffee Shops and the quality of coffee standards is exceptional. Observatory is also incredibly multicultural, probably the most integrated space in Cape Town. Observatory is one cool place with more than 10 coffee shops in the area. Obs also has fantastic book stores, thrift shops and bars.

Ohana Kalk Bay has a great sitting area outside where you can see the ocean in Kalk Bay.

Coffee Shops in Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a little fishing town just outside Cape Town and is transcending into a big coffee destination. Kalk Bay has lots of coffee shops along Kalk Bay main road but also has coffee shops in the nooks and crannies behind Kalk Bay Main Road. Kalk Bay coffee shops are some of the best in Cape Town.

Continuum Coffee is a coffee shop on Woodstock Main Road

Woodstock Coffee Shops

Woodstock has always been the up and coming area of Cape Town with trendy clubs, pubs and bars popping up all around. Coffee Shops in Woodstock have been no exception to this. Coffee Shops in Woodstock are fitting in with the trends, serving damn fine coffee in Woodstock and often at a more reasonable price. Unfortunately, the coffeeshops are not as densely populated as Observatory but that gives them their own Woodstock magic.